Clinical Informatics Checklist for COVID-19:

Bridging the Gap

Clinical informatics (CI) programs have always been important to driving technology-enabled clinical transformation but are even more so during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Solutions to the present crisis rely heavily on technology as an enabler to support onsite and offsite diligent care of providers and other caregivers. Just as a physical bridge carries people and resources from one side of a river to the other, CI professionals bridge the gaps between caregivers and information systems (IS). Informaticists operate from the unique perspective of experienced clinicians keeping the customer (patient and caregiver) top of mind while understanding the capabilities of the tools on which they must depend. The checklist on the following pages identifies many of the currently known COVID-19 health system needs which CI teams can help manage. It is organized based on the dimensions of standard work exemplified by best-in-class CI teams and further identified by the timing of those activities into pre-surge, surge and post-surge.

While this document is specific to CI, Chartis also published a broader COVID-19 IS checklist. For a copy, click here.


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Principal, Informatics & Technology
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