There are six fundamental qualities we require in all prospective Chartis members.

Intellectual Curiosity

Every day is a learning experience. If you do your best work in a structured environment with a known path forward, this is not the right place for you. Here you'll need to be comfortable navigating in an ambiguous environment and possess an innate curiosity that drives your thinking to the next level to get to the root of tough problems.

Academic Excellence

Bottom line: we need the brightest people who have demonstrated their capabilities through an intense work ethic, intrinsic ambition and overall success in tough courses and extracurricular involvement. It's essential to quickly adapt to our world and the speed at which it moves.

Mind for Numbers

Numbers tell our stories and economics drive our behavior. You need to be a whiz at both. Sure, we're helping to improve healthcare and there is a soft side to our work. But at the end of the day if you can't run a detailed analysis, you can't get the job done.

Natural Leaders

If you can run the numbers but they collect dust bunnies on a shelf, you haven't done your job. We need to influence and motivate our clients to action and that requires skilled leaders with proven abilities to build respectful and collaborative relationships.

Passion for Healthcare

Healthcare is our business. It's also our life and our passion. It should be yours too. If you're not driven to make a substantial difference in this world, you're probably not cut out for Chartis.


Our clients don't work with us because we're smarter than they are. They work with us because we have a unique perspective on their business and we're open-minded enough to know we learn a lot in every conversation and interaction we share. The journey never ends.