Much like the world of healthcare, our own firm is constantly growing, changing, learning and improving. Our professional development program is designed to address individual career goals of every Chartis member and create a fulfilling and enriching experience from day one.


Each Chartis member is assigned a Development Leader as part of their on-boarding process. The Development Leader is a senior member in the firm who establishes and maintains an ongoing relationship with that member to chart a course for growth and success at the firm.

Performance Management

Feedback is an important part of growth and learning. Chartis members receive feedback throughout each engagement and comprehensive performance reviews semi-annually. These reviews serve both to offer insight and tools to each member to facilitate skill development and to provide career advancement direction. Chartis members are reviewed against a spectrum of performance criteria that address: Critical Thinking, Analytics, Client Service, Work and Team Management, and Firm Development.

Training and Continuing Education

As part of our commitment to professional development, Chartis offers a comprehensive training curriculum to enhance the consulting skills of our members that includes a new hire training program and regularly scheduled continuing education sessions throughout the year. Chartis members are also encouraged to attend seminars and take outside courses that address their individual professional development objectives.

Firm Development

In addition to day-to-day client activities, all Chartis members contribute to the development and growth of the firm by participating in internal strategic planning and operational initiatives in areas such as knowledge management, recruiting, forums development, practice development, and learning. In this way, all Chartis members - from Analysts through Managing Directors - are involved and vested in shaping the firm.

Member Profile: Harrison Burns

Why did you join Chartis?

As an experienced hire, I was interested in transitioning from pharmaceutical consulting to focusing on the most pressing issues facing healthcare providers. With Chartis, I found exactly that. Chartis consultants have the opportunity to work alongside health system leaders on a daily basis, and develop meaningful, system-wide strategies that often enhance care delivery across entire regions and elevate the lives of thousands of patients. While these professional opportunities drew me to Chartis, the friendly, passionate, and high-caliber individuals I met throughout the recruiting process were the selling point.

What keeps you at Chartis?

Simply put, the people. While it’s a privilege to work with health systems on some of the most exciting and cutting-edge projects in the industry, it’s just as rewarding to tackle this work with a team of incredibly smart, diverse, and mission-driven individuals. Chartis’ culture is second to none. The firm is dedicated to this unique and familial culture, and keeps it vibrant by bringing together the entire firm four times per year. One of these events is the summer retreat in Park City, Utah, which provides the perfect opportunity to unwind, catch up with colleagues, and get to know each other’s families.

How has professional development helped you in your career at Chartis?

At Chartis, professional development is ongoing. During the onboarding process, every new colleague is assigned a Development Leader, which is a senior associate responsible for providing mentorship and supporting the colleague’s professional growth. All consultants are encouraged to craft a development plan which outlines their professional goals, and the firm is extremely thoughtful and deliberate about aligning these goals with project staffing. Career opportunity is limitless at Chartis, and I’m grateful for the firm’s dedication to such a rich professional development and performance management program, which has provided me the latitude to shape a career path based on my individual aspirations

What training have you received at Chartis and how has that benefited you?

In addition to a robust orientation week, the firm provides a variety of training opportunities as colleagues progress through their careers. I have participated in several training sessions which have sharpened my technical skills (e.g. data analytics and economic modeling), along with workshops focused on “soft skills”, which are critical for every consultant to develop (e.g. public speaking and story-lining). To me, however, the most valuable learning is rooted in Chartis’ on-the-job apprenticeship model, where project team leaders are committed to providing real-time feedback to celebrate successes and help consultants refine their skills.


BS, finance and accounting, University of South Carolina