It’s really quite simple – we value traits like kindness, humility, and collaboration above all else. Our success, both within our organization and the clients we serve, is built upon relationships grounded in trust and camaraderie.

And while we’re up to serious business, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We laugh together, play together, sometimes cry together, and always eat cake together. We serve our communities individually and collectively through Chartis Cares and Chartis Moves. We take the time to celebrate victories small and large (insert fist bump). We’re in this journey together.

Member Profile: Brett Pederson

Why did you join Chartis?

Brett Pederson

Many things stood out about Chartis as I progressed through the recruiting process - incredibly smart people, cutting-edge work, and a dedication to accelerated development. Most important, however, was the realization that people love being part of Chartis both because of the work we do and the way we engage with each other. Chartis is a rare find, dedicated to the lives and priorities of those of us who comprise it.

What keeps you at Chartis?

In addition to the distinctive Chartis culture, career opportunity here is unlimited. One of Chartis' defining features is the dedication at all levels of the firm to helping each of us shape a customized career path based on our individual aspirations. If you want to grow rapidly, there's no better place than Chartis. All colleagues are encouraged to perform at a level well beyond their tenure through challenging on-the-job opportunities and accelerated career progression

How would you describe the culture at Chartis?

You won't believe it until you see it! The Chartis culture is both diverse and familial. I am constantly amazed not only by the varied backgrounds, personalities, and personal experiences of my peers, but also by the level of mutual respect and genuine care among us. There are many rewarding things about working at Chartis. One of the most rewarding for me is the collection of strong personal relationships I have developed within the firm. At Chartis, I never feel like just another employee; the firm is very focused on me as an individual and how I can best be positioned for success.

Additionally, Chartis colleagues are incredibly mission-driven with a true passion for improving healthcare around the world. We have a deep desire to make a difference and a belief that, together with our clients, we can achieve that goal.

How does Chartis live out its culture on a day-to-day basis?

Chartis has been very deliberate about the culture it has created and the commitment to that culture starts at the top and cascades throughout the entire firm. Within individual project teams and across the firm, Chartis people consistently demonstrate a commitment to do the right thing, which can mean proactively managing a client's expenses, setting aside time for dinner and team bonding, taking one for the team, or asking the team to take one for you. Most importantly, we always make an effort to demonstrate appreciation for everyone who helps to make Chartis an elite firm.


BA, communication studies and philosophy, Gustavus Adolphus College
MBA, University of Minnesota Carlson School of Management