It’s really quite simple – we value traits like kindness, humility, and collaboration above all else. Our success, both within our organization and the clients we serve, is built upon relationships grounded in trust and camaraderie.

And while we’re up to serious business, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We laugh together, play together, sometimes cry together, and always eat cake together. We serve our communities individually and collectively through Chartis Cares and Chartis Moves. We take the time to celebrate victories small and large (insert fist bump). We’re in this journey together.

Colleague Profile: Akofa Bonsi, Associate Principal

Why did you join Chartis?

For the first part of my career, I lived and breathed hospital operations and business development. I never thought I would be a consultant. Then I had my first exposure to Chartis as a client and something just felt different — the approach, the partnership. This experience changed my perception of consulting. Our family move to Chicago led me to a job search and I thought there may be an opportunity to pivot into consulting. When I tapped my professional network, the answers were consistent: “If you want to do healthcare consulting, you want to do it with Chartis.”

What keeps you at Chartis?

I came to Chartis because I wanted to work with leading healthcare organizations on some of the most complex problems plaguing the U.S. healthcare sector. I stay here because I get to do that work with some of the most engaging and inspiring leaders in the industry. Chartisans are obsessed with healthcare, intellectually curious and carry a healthy dose of humility. We bring that potent combination to our role as advisors and most importantly to our interactions with each other, creating an environment where you can thrive professionally and personally.

How would you describe the culture at Chartis?

Sometimes we refer to our culture as the Chartis secret sauce: it’s what makes us, us. It's the energizing vibe you feel when you enter a room of Chartisans, whether that's the team room with four colleagues or the hotel conference room with 400. What's most important to me is how that culture shows up and is visible day to day:

Our leaders are visible and accessible.
Our leaders are transparent, honest, authentic and approachable. You can always connect with them; you’re expected to. Chartis leaders are invested in our employees; they’re expected to be.
Our mission and values are clear.
To materially improve healthcare delivery in the world. Enough said.
We relentlessly pursue diversity and inclusion.
We want people to bring their true, best selves to work every day.
Wins are celebrated.
Whether it's client success or personal success, there is always a reason to celebrate and when we celebrate there is usually cake!
We're not just colleagues, but friends.
Chartis is a breeding ground for genuine, lasting friendships; my co-workers are my community.