Chartis’ Five Actions Toward Anti-Racism

Our Culture and DE&I Commitment

Chartis’ five actions toward anti-racism

Our Culture and DE&I Commitment

Chartis’ five actions toward anti-racism

The Chartis mission is to materially improve healthcare delivery in the world. It is a sad truth that racism is a major factor in health disparities in our country. We are against every form of discrimination, injustice, and violence perpetrated toward any group or individual. While our commitment to the values of Diversity and Inclusion has been foundational to our identity and ethos as a firm, we know that that is not enough. We must step up further. We have prioritized five key areas of action.

1. Expand Black leadership in our firm

We will materially increase the representation of Black colleagues at all levels of Chartis — from our board on through our partners, consultants and professional service team members — with the objective of doubling the percentage of Black colleagues in the firm by the end of 2024. To achieve this, we will augment our recruiting programs, channels and partnerships, while strengthening our internal talent platform to support the development and advancement of our Black colleagues.

2. Identify and address the role racism plays in health disparities through our work

We will actively seek to highlight opportunities to address health disparities in our existing work as well as create new offerings to support healthcare providers as they work to achieve greater equity in healthcare. We will define key metrics to measure success in reducing health disparities through our work and will publish thought leadership articles and reports on these issues.

3. Embed anti-racism in the culture and fabric of our firm

We will ensure our anti-racism beliefs and commitments are consistently reflected within the firm’s culture, work environment, organizational structure, and accountability model. We will expand our firm discourse, training, and engagement opportunities to continually strengthen our embrace of, and commitment to, anti-racism, diversity, and inclusion.

4. Collaborate with other organizations in support of collective anti-racism efforts

We will establish and sponsor a healthcare provider affinity network dedicated to addressing health disparities, sharing best practices and providing industry thought leadership. In our business relationships, we will seek to partner with organizations that share in our commitment to anti-racism.

5. Continue the Chartis Foundation’s work enhancing access in underserved communities

In recent years the Chartis Foundation has supported causes such as increasing access for Black women to mammograms, providing primary care for refugees and underserved communities, and addressing the behavioral health needs of transgender people, among other initiatives. We will continue our focus on ensuring access to care for all.

Anti-Racism is foundational to Chartis’ mission, vision, and values.

OUR MISSION is to materially improve healthcare delivery.
To be dedicated to ridding healthcare disparities is to be dedicated to addressing structural racism’s effects on health status.

OUR VISION is a healthcare delivery system that alleviates suffering and is affordable, accessible, and enhances the human condition.
By definition, we envision a system with equal care for all.

OUR VALUES are grounded in the precept that we care for each other and are committed to helping each other live great lives.
Where one of us suffers racial injustice, we are all responsible to stand and strive against it.

OUR PEOPLE are deeply dedicated to our mission, vision, and values.
To be committed to anti-racism as an organization means individual action by every Chartis colleague.

As we work toward these actions and join with others in the healthcare industry to address healthcare disparities, we will continue to share our progress and push to do more in achievement of our mission.


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