You know your business
like no one else.

In our experience, the notion that a consultant from the outside world can come in with a single magic bullet is far-fetched.

At The Chartis Group, we work alongside our clients, learning the nuances of each situation, objectives and challenges and building relationships that go beyond the surface. We bring informed perspectives to the table so that, together, we can develop solutions to your problems in truly powerful and material ways. While our methodologies and tools are specifically tailored to each client and their unique needs, our overarching approach is based on four core elements.

  1. Meaningful change starts with a deep understanding of the underlying economics and operating requirements of the organization and the market within which it operates.
  2. Strategies developed apart from well understood operational and implementation requirements often suffer rapid erosion. Likewise, operations investments and improvements unaligned with an organization's strategy often realize a substantially lower return than projected.
  3. We unearth data, and then more data. We offer proprietary analytic models, databases and benchmarks, and we employ robust forecasting models to ensure that issues and decision points are incisively and accurately framed.
  4. We employ proven program management, implementation risk management, and intervention processes, structures and tools in order to ensure successful execution and results.