Technology’s Role in Achieving Health System Imperatives in the Age of COVID-19

For weeks, CIOs and their teams have supported their health systems in preparing for and combating the COVID-19 pandemic. As many look beyond the initial surge, CIOs face a new stage of challenges as they consider how to best leverage technology to help their organizations survive and ultimately thrive in the “new normal.”

Indeed, a health system’s data, analytics and informatics platform must be an integral tool to meet five imperatives of the new COVID-19-impacted landscape, as described in our recently-published paper, “After the Surge: Five Health System Imperatives in the Age of COVID-19.” Technology executives have an important role to play in developing and deploying a coordinated, timely and comprehensive technology plan that addresses the key questions raised by these imperatives. Doing so will be the lynchpin to elevate IT’s strategic role in the organization and demonstrate the function’s ability to catalyze systemic digital transformation and position the enterprise for the future.

The following paper provides actionable steps for technology leaders to address these questions, enabling their organizations to emerge leaner, stronger and better positioned for the future.


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Director, Informatics & Technology
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Director, Digital Health Leader
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