Adapting for the Age of COVID-19: Six Essentials for Children's Hospitals

For children’s hospitals, COVID-19 has been materially disruptive. Hospitals have deferred procedures and elective care, resulting in reduced volumes and significant margin impacts. Now, as they emerge from the first phase of this pandemic, children’s hospital leadership teams are stretched to plan for and implement actions to support recovery while adjusting to a rapidly evolving and highly uncertain landscape.

Children’s hospitals must continue to lead throughout this crisis, focusing on the health of children and the long-term sustainability of the child health ecosystem while at the same time taking immediate action to reopen services and close the budget gap created by the pandemic.

The following paper outlines six key areas children’s hospitals should consider in their recovery.


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Brian Thygesen, Director and Pediatrics Leader

Melissa Anderson, Director and Pediatrics Leader

Mackenzie Horne, Pediatrics and Academic Medical Centers Practice Manager

Adapting for the Age of COVID-19: Six Essentials… | The Chartis Group