Healthcare markets are in flux. Providers are assuming increased financial responsibility for managing the health of defined populations; emphasizing outcomes improvement and patient experience while lowering the total cost of care. While this shift to accountability has surely begun, the transformation is far from complete. The majority of providers are not yet managing significant populations at risk, and most will continue to deliver care under mixed payment models for the foreseeable future.

Each journey toward risk reimbursement is unique. Providers’ market contexts and starting points vary and their ultimate destinations – a mix of volume and value based contracts – will be steered by the needs of the market and their ability to accept accountability, and risk, for a population’s healthcare expense.

The Chartis Group supports providers on this journey, helping them explore their options and optimize performance within this mixed, evolving and uncertain payment environment. Key advisory services include:

  • Population Health Management Strategic Planning and Capabilities Advancement.
  • Payor Strategy and Go-to-Market Product Launch Planning.
  • Payor-Provider Partnerships and Collaborations.
  • Payment Reform and Innovation Program Development.
  • Network Development (Clinical Integration; IPA; PHO).
  • Network Performance Improvement.
  • Physician Alignment.
  • Post-Acute Care Network Strategic Planning, Development, and Performance Improvement.