Healthcare stands on the precipice of a monumental revolution. At its core, lies a singular force with the potential to complete the transformation – information technology. Amidst the pressures of reform initiatives and a seemingly endless wave of technology developments, healthcare organizations must proactively position themselves for the new future. That means a powerful alignment and integration of their strategic, clinical and financial goals with that of their technology, data and informatics.

At The Chartis Group, we work alongside our clients providing informed and unbiased perspectives on their most pressing information and technology needs. Through a tailored approach, we help clients move first in their markets with aligned and integrated plans, structures and delivery models to improve care delivery, community health status and market distinction. Achieving the future promise of healthcare requires nothing less.

  • Clinical and Operational Performance Improvement

    We help clients improve their performance, operational effectiveness, consumer relationships, quality of care and patient outcomes through the strategic use of IT and with a quantifiable ROI.


  • EHR Value Realization

    We advise clients throughout the EHR lifecycle, helping them realize the full benefits of the EHR, increasing operational efficiencies, staff effectiveness and satisfaction.


  • From Volume to Value

    We help clients build a strategic IT roadmap to integrate their clinical, business and operating models to deliver comprehensive, quality care to a target population and make the transition to value-based care.

  • Data and Analytics

    We help clients harness the power of data and analytics to transform care delivery, accessing the right tools and information at the point of care to improve health outcomes and reduce the total cost of care.

  • The Connected Community

    We guide clients through the complex web of interconnected technology and processes required to enable a connected care community with the patient at its core.


  • The Future Revenue Cycle

    We help clients evaluate their processes and systems to improve performance, attract and retain clinicians and patients, and position their organizations for the future of revenue cycle management.