Healthcare stands on the precipice of a monumental revolution. At its core lies a singular force with the potential to complete the transformation – information technology. Amidst the pressures of reform initiatives and a seemingly endless wave of technology developments, healthcare organizations must proactively position themselves for the new future. That means a powerful alignment and integration of their strategic, clinical and financial goals with that of their technology, data and informatics.

At The Chartis Group, we work alongside our clients providing informed and unbiased perspectives on their most pressing information and technology needs. Through a tailored approach, we help clients move first in their markets with aligned and integrated plans, structures and delivery models to improve care delivery, community health status and market distinction. Achieving the future promise of healthcare requires nothing less.

Informatics and Technology helps clients address their most pressing issues:

  • Daniel Herman

    Daniel Herman
    Informatics and Technology Practice Senior Advisor
    Daniel S. Herman is a Director with The Chartis Group and leader of the Informatics and Technology practice. Mr. Herman assists healthcare providers in optimizing the value of their information technology investments. He has more than 30 years of experience in healthcare information technology strategic planning, design and implementation and EHR planning.

    Dan Coate

    Dan Coate
    Dan Coate is a Director with The Chartis Group in the Informatics and Technology practice. Mr. Coate has more than 25 years of experience in healthcare strategy, performance improvement and information technology. He advises clients on IT strategy and special studies, and leads and manages large-scale process and technology programs.