Leadership and Development

Only physicians can create the synergy needed across the clinical, operational and financial realms within their medical groups to achieve top level performance. Effective physician leaders bring strong business acumen along with clinical excellence and effective behavior management techniques. They are uniquely able to engage and influence their colleagues and have the tough conversations that enable shared accountability for all performance elements, including quality, cost and experience, and are most effective at translating and aligning administrative and physician perspectives. There is simply no substitute for the ability of physician leaders to drive the health and economic outcomes that lead to overall ACO success. Provider organizations must build and enable robust physician leadership and management that is grounded in the organization’s needs and requirements for success and based on an individualized assessment of skills and capabilities for new, established and emerging leaders.

CPLI helps clients effectively:

  • Define the roles, responsibilities, leadership skills and capabilities essential to strategic success and performance.
  • Mentor physician leaders based on development needs and in the context of their accountabilities and current deliverables.
  • Mentor physician leaders in their ability to navigate change, establish necessary leadership and management functions, and to support, mentor and develop others.
  • Develop and deploy group physician leadership and management programs grounded in organizational needs and requirements.