Transformative Levels of Performance

Healthcare providers must elevate clinical, operational, and financial performance to levels that transcend those previously conceived of and achieved, in order to succeed in today’s value-based world. The demonstration of real value through improved clinical outcomes, enhanced patient and caregiver experience, and greater cost effectiveness has moved from a conceptual goal to a critical requirement. Meaningful and sustainable results will be realized through intentional and purposeful redesign of care, operational, and business models to comprehensively address the needs of patients and populations across the continuum.

At The Chartis Group, we work shoulder to shoulder with our clients to design and implement solutions across those areas most critical to advancing performance and building sustained capabilities:

  • Clinical Management - Advanced clinical management programs to achieve the best outcomes, lowest cost of care and superior patient experience.
  • Patient Engagement and Access - Innovative programs and platforms fostering patient attraction and retention, network design and navigation, and throughput.
  • High Impact Operating Models - Distinctive physician-led, team-based models producing highly reliable clinical, operational and financial performance in critical settings.
  • Service Line Performance - Integrated, continuum-based solutions to achieve superior clinical outcomes, greater financial contribution and optimized efficiency.

Our approach is founded on the belief that transformative and sustainable change is fueled by a thorough understanding of leading practice coupled with thoughtful tailoring of the solutions and implementation approach to effectively address the unique needs and circumstances of your organization. We unite clinical and administrative leaders around a common vision for advanced performance, and engage clinicians and front-line staff in the change process to enable sustained, transformative improvement across each dimension of cost, quality, and experience.

Curate Best-in-Breed Solutions

Tailor and Adapt to
Organizational Characteristics

Deliver Top Performance

  • Stacy Melvin

    Stacy Melvin
    Director and Performance Practice Leader
    Stacy Melvin is a Director with The Chartis Group and Leader for its Performance Practice. Ms. Melvin has more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare provider industry, including 17 years as a consultant. She is a nationally recognized expert in operations design and performance improvement as well as implementation planning and executive oversight.

  • Stephanie Hines

    Stephanie Hines
    Engagement Manager
    Stephanie Hines is an Engagement Manager with The Chartis Group. She serves as The Chartis Group’s Performance Practice Manager, focused on helping healthcare delivery organizations transform their systems of care to sustainably improve clinical performance and succeed in the transition to value.